The crotch rocket thread


For a touring machine it’s box o frogs fun!


New Ducati Panigale V4 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s an awful lot of cash for a box of nuts n bolts.


Don’t care. Want.



Just because, why the fuck wouldn’t you reasons


Cos it’s a Harley and they’re more gayer than Honda.


Yea, but there’s Harley and then there’s Fat Boy custom type Harley, innit.


Most Harleys are indeed wank. But anything with a back tire wider than me deserves to at least end up in my fap folder.




Don’t need 'em


zactly !


Bikes do next to nothing for me, but that looks the shit. Wow.


But Harleys are genuine shit, really really shit.


But in light of Trump’s trade war they’re making more bikes outside of the USA, so they might actually improve :stuck_out_tongue:


Do they make a flesh-coloured version…?


No, not from the factory. You have to crash one of the fuckers and spray your own flesh and guts over it.


Still trying to work out if the tank looks like an arse, some tits or a giant ballsack.


Mate who supervises rope access, mainly on the rigs, has one of these.

Always perks my ears when he comes round…

My ear searches for one less pot, or one more. Three more in dreamland.


If we’re talking Triumphs then it really has to be the Rocket III. The noise those things make is biblical:


^ That;s a 2944cc car that’s missing two wheels. :star_struck: