The crotch rocket thread


So now we have a milk float for every day I’m thinking I should offset our negative carbon efficiency with a ridiculous groin based death machine. Good idea?




We can go for rides to special places, try to keep up


Meh. Try doing 60 downhill in Majorca in just Lycra.

Thems is for wusses.

(I’d love one but I know for sure I’d kill myself. I’m a genuine adrenaline junkie and have tried everything vaguely dangerous… but draw the line at these things. I know my limits!).


Try 180mph with yer cock on the tank.


Shit idea.


Oh yeah, I loved my RSV, cooler than a Ducati👍


Ducatis are cool, they done work for long enough to get hot.


Not biting…:innocent:




Ive seen so many people dead or rebuilt on bikes…


True, not that reliability matters Ducati owners don’t ride em they just polish :skull_and_crossbones:️:cowboy_hat_face:
Only joking Rob :kiss:


Must admit I’ve not seen any dead people on bikes.


Sadly, I have.

Although it goes the same for cars. It’s more that I have many friends who have had lives ruined by them. I would love one. But I know that I’d not be able to resist going that bit faster…


Only dead non-family person I’ve ever held was by the side of the road. He wasn’t on the bike any more though. He was about 40 feet from it.



My FIL was traffic manager for Northants. At least two people never made it back from picking up a bike during his time.


Hmmm, how soon do you want to die, and how attached are you to your skin? :thinking:




Go bespoke, only sheep buy off the shelf.