The electronic music thread


these guys are amazing , got all their albums and this one is one of their best celebrating 30 years in berlin school


Best mix album of the last couple of years IMVH

Can I buy the flac? Can I buggery.


Have you tried transferring it to tape ? Might make all the difference :wink:.



Over a decade since VNV Nation have done anything decent, but first impressions of this are really good.


Also, the new album by Tangent (released a couple of albums on the now defunct Tympanik, but now on n5md) is pleasant, very light glitch / ambient.


Not sure if this belongs in this thread, but this album has led to me discovering that there is actually hip hop that I enjoy-

I always liked

…but even enjoying the more straightforward…




A really good dreamgaze album released this week by SRSQ, with a lot of emotional weight to it. Very Cocteaus-ish in places.



@B2T perhaps?


Apologies for posting this in more than one thread, but a guy’s gotta make a living, innit :wink:

My humble attempt at a long-playing record:


Interesting call/response type structure.


This, to my mind, is an exceptional album. Subtle, but beautiful.


just adore david wrights music


They released a track 5 years ago, and now they’ve got round to doing the album. Pretty much a supergroup, Frank Spinath (Seabound), Daniel Myer (Haujobb), Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand).


For you non-Russians



absolutely love faber , just bought his universal flow cd this week . got quite a few of his albums . so glad you like him

one of my fave tracks is this


New Nicola Cruz album due. South American sitar on this track.


ZZK trailer #27.