The end of diesel cars is coming soon!


Get shot now before values crash!



Meh ! Park & Ride is your friend.


We use the Park & Ride into Nottingham, it’s brill :+1:


I fucking hate diesel


Nanism pt 37.45:

“Show me a man on Pk & ride and I’ll show you a man who is dead inside”


nah for those cities like cambridge where owning a car is punishable by death by a hippie droning on about mother earth a park and ride is great. Certainly my semi regular annual trip to strawberry fair to laugh at the hippies is made less stressful by not having to brave the militant cyclist suburbs of the place.

Modern diesels are shit though. They are no where near as frugal or clean as their lying asshat manufacturers claim, they cost more to run than petrol equivalents with more expensive fuel, sheeps piss and servicing and modern high output engines are reliability nightmares. A 2 liter merc diesel from the 80’s / early 90’s would last a lifetime with regular servicing. it wouldn’t go very quickly though. A modern merc diesel will power you to your destination on a wave of torque but stands a good chance of stopping expensively halfway there.

Yep diesel can fuck off. my next car will need petrol pouring into it unless I come into a lot of money in which case it will have a t on the front and need electrons.


Easier just to avoid driving in those hell holes.




You need an old Audi A3 Turbo; great they are. Pull like a train, frugal and dead reliable.


:+1: Fixt that for you


Nowt changed there then


The future


I had given up going to Oxford since I often couldn’t park in town. I tried park and ride but it was no quicker than bus all the way since we have an express bus every 30 mins, so now I go by bus.
I have never owned a diesel car.


I suppose I’ll have to chop the 330d in for an M3 then. Oh well! :smiling_imp:


I recommend a Mazda RX-8 for all your petrol powered transport requirements :+1:


Based on what I used to get from my 224bhp RX-8 then that would soon burn up all the remaining petrol reserves left :joy:


Indeed. The Wankel engine is mechanically smooth but thermodynamically massively shite!


I briefly considered an rx8 as they are stupidly cheap for low mileage cars. So I had a look at various buyers guides.
After reading that 30k miles was the service life of things like coil packs, spark plugs and clutch, that if you didn;t use 1 particular type of oil your engine was toast and that it would dilute said oil with fuel if you only did short journeys, i decided that mazda could fuck right off.