The Football


Spurs v City 3 times in 10 days according to Rory Smith.



Moyes contributing the square root of fuck all to the debate on Sky Sports :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Utd tie reversed, so they play at home first, to avoid a clash with the City tie


You’re not bitter at all about that. :wink:


Porto - Chelsea - Porto

Season defining 7 days


I’m bitter about everything.


Similar to last year when we played shitty three times…

I wonder if spuds can replicate our three wins :smiley:


I wonder if Citeh can replicate our three wins? :joy:
Spurs will get fucked big time.


Spurs have a decent chance if they are at full strength imo.


Not a fecking chance


I’d say 4-1 to city over the 2 legs


or after 20 mins :wink:


From a footballing perspective I am not sure if changing stadium in April is such a good idea. I always think the atmosphere suffers a bit in a new stadium.

I give no fucks really. Just fancied posting summat on the internet about summat.

Probably make fajitas for us tea.


That’s just the Etihad and all those empty seats :grinning:


Win:win for Ole, if we win he is a hero, if we lose, then we lose to the favorites. Would be a disaster to lose to Porto.


Classic Bob.:laughing:


Hahaha, what a sunshiner.

Good to see we’re always in your thoughts xx.



Villa brilliant today sticking it to Pulis for the 2nd time this season. Sneaking into the top 6 for the first time this season :slightly_smiling_face:


Bognor have taken the lead against City :wink:

Bognor 2-0 up now :grin: