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There’s no doubt that it will be a tough game, but I haven’t seen anything in the last few games involving Croatia that worries me unduly.


True, but if we beat them France or Belgium will be a totally different proposition :thinking:


Who cares? It’s the final and anything can happen then



Croatia is tomorrow.

Let’s just enjoy TODAY (shouty again)


If we can beat Croatia then it will be like a premiership match in the final. Hopefully no diving/cheating/ haranguing the ref.
Best chance of success in my lifetime.


We need Ritchie to wear his lucky outfit again on Wednesday.


This is a NO PANTS World Cup.


Pictures not required :flushed:


HELL YEAH!, who wears pants anyway?!?!?


Btw, I do ‘get’ the NO PANTS bit :wink:


I’m not taking it off for the rest of the tournament!




Struggling to contain my excitement this morning. Fucking hell, when was it that England played a football tournament without major seat-of-the-pants drama, injury/suspension to important players, or indeed the players playing like each of them has an elastic band wound 15 times around their bollocks? They actually brushed Sweden aside yesterday and the spine of the team seems to be gaining more sinew with every game. GS seems to have them playing in some sort of mad bubble, where collectively they are just in the moment. Not seen this before and it’s very exciting.


We bought my ten year old an England strip (away) for his birthday which was during the Group stage. I discussed with my wife giving it to him early based on the likelihood that England would be all done by his birthday. I’m now thinking I may need to buy him a new one as it’s getting worn so much.


It looks like the camp has the same kind of atmosphere and togetherness that the age group sides have had when they have done so well in their world tournaments.


It’s great that he gets it. My kids find it very difficult to sit still long enough to watch a game. After the match yesterday I went up the local and a few of their school friends were there (mostly eleven year olds) with their mums and dads, and none of them seem to get it either! :thinking:



The 8 year old me was glued to watching the Mexico 1970 WC,then up the park trying to copy what Pele had just done.

Remember getting up early to watch it before school.
My Auntie and Uncle were over there for the whole tournament and brought back loads of souvenirs,wish i still had them.

Guessing to many other distractions for most kids these days


This and the fact that football on TV is now ubiquitous. Days and days of live football was a truly jaw dropping event. I have similar memories to you for the '82 WC.