The Gentleman's tasteful wristwatch thread:

This thread has rules:
No colour - this thread is for monochrome watches in black, white, silver etc. Exceptions may be made for heat-blued hands, golden moon phase graphics, &c, if tastefully executed.
No wacky materials - stainless steel, white gold, platinum, possibly some Titanium for the adventurous…
No nastyass bling - “all that sparkles is Pikey”
No PVD either, unless it’s an issued military watch.
No wanky gratuitous complications - none of that Richard Mille bollocks.
No garishly striped NATOS.

This thread is for Teh Haterz to post what THEY like instead of just getting their bitchtits in a dander in the other thread :+1:

Kicking-off with Sternglas, a German micro making Miyota and Ronda powered Bauhaus influenced dress watches in the Junghans/Dufa vein, but at surprisingly affordable prices.

This is “Naos” and it costs £163 with a quartz movement or £258 with an automatic ebauche.


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