The Grand Tour

Just watched the opening scene…

Looks fanatastic!!! :sunglasses:

I want a firestick thingy…

Works on most devices afaik…

Btw Amazon prime is only £59 if you buy it today!!!

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What is it? New drama series about the Grand Tour of old?

Bit like Downton yes…


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Is that James May’s new catchphrase because he’s not allowed to say “cock”?

Christ knows. You don’t need to actually watch it, every simpleton will be banging on about it on every platform.

A programme about cars presented by twats.

Double wankel.

Top Gear with a bigger budget and set in America - same old, same old.:weary:

Shame that crowd of Argies didn’t get hold of them a few years back.:smiling_imp:

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Did you see it?

The Hyper car track test was superb, and I think the only one to put those three cars together in that situation…

Three berks berking about with stupidly expensive hyper cars. If anything less berkiness and more cars than the final series of (old) top gear and infinitely better than shouty Evans and his rubbish pastiche.

Watch bake off if you’re expecting anything else. I enjoyed it.

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Expecting anything else will only lead to disappointment. As many people will love it as will hate it.
It is what it is.

And it is Top Gear, Same fornula, same people

S02E08: Blasts from the past

The Aston Martin DB4 GT and Jaguar XKSS at the abandoned banked circuit in Spain were the most beautifully photographed pieces of motoring entertainment I’ve ever seen. Fantastic.

Only heightened by the genuine terror of driving the old oval which Hammond refused to do. Something about crashing a lot.

The new episodes of TG have also been good.




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You is sooooo clever & funny you is.

I see what you did there.

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