The Innocence of yoof

Mrs X’s birthday last week and mine this week. We don’t buy each other prezzies and the like but tend to go away for a few days. Anyhoo, we have a hotel booked up north and plan to take the Daimler. After a battery charge, a check of all the fluid levels and 6 months slumber it sparked up first time. So down to the petrol station, faffing about with two fuel tanks and the lead replacement additive I head in to pay. The young girl looks at me inquisitively and asks “Has that got two engines?”. I could only smile and say “No, feels like it,”

Note: Not my pic, some random XJC in Germany I think.



Many years ago I took a trip to Koln in my XJ6 & got bewildered looks & pointing from other motorists at an autobahn service station filling one side then the other. Funny to see but I shudder at the thought of what that trip would cost now.


I dread to think what they cost to run. My 2.0 Honda crv auto is bad enough.

Funny story.
Many years ago a mate bought a hideous American car at auction.
No idea what it was , but as well as a huge motor it was running really poor.
He ran out of petrol and had to walk to a filling station with a can , filled car up with said can , then ran out again before he got to the filling station. :grin:


You might be surprised:

Fully comp insurance last year - £58 limited to 3000 miles p/a
Road Tax - Nil
MOT - Not Required
Fuel - Today it took 75 ltrs @ 165.9p = £124.42
Your lucky if I fill it up 3 times a year, 4 max and I get between 16-20 mpg.
Parts are readily available and on a par with modern stuff.

Running a classic is surprisingly cheap. Aquiring them, and a good reliable one these days however is not.



How to park like a cunt etc….,

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Not yours by any chance ?
Headcorn airfield last summer

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No not mine.
That’s Jaguar badged and Signal red if the photo is accurate. Mine is Regency red (maroon), same colour as the 1st pic.

I see he’s been at the vinyl roof with the shoe polish.


This is mine on the annual pilgrimage to Moffat Classic car show last year with an old mate who’s on dinner detail. It’s really just an excuse to park up, talk pish and drink whisky all weekend.


Ah, now I see where your forum handle comes from. Love the coupes :heart:

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Is it a Double Six?

Sovereign Straight Six 4.2l