The Joy of Cigars


You’ll have to enlighten me. One usually does it…


Men who like cigars in homo-erotic thread shocker. :slight_smile:


Hopefully it would be a sufficiently large and emphatic stroke that would carry me off from this vale of tears before the beardy nosh even began. Sudden heart failure or spontaneous combustion would also be acceptable alternatives.


Emerged from under the floorboards have we?


Smoking rolled up turds will make anyone around you think you’re a proper cunt. Do it in private by all means. Like wanking (hopefully).


Fill a stein


After a pleasant day out, we retired to the garden for a bevvy or two and found myself having a…

Partagas Super Partagas.



Someone’s place a turd on your beer.


And a very nice turd it is :ok_hand:


Is it pre-used by Monica Lewinski?


The added mustiness would not suit my taste.
The size would not have offered Monica much…errr…resistance :tired_face:


That particular humidor would be too humid (and pungent) for even the most lonely of Tasmanians…


Just dry boxing a few for my hols…

Which isn’t what you are thinking. It’s more taking them out the tube or humidor and putting them in the airtight travel case to dry a bit.


Leave them in their tubes and place them in a zip-lock back with a small mist of water.


Bit pointless as the tubes are well sealed?
I always find they need air after a tube


Quality cigars in tubes have a moistened cedar inner. This is good for the cigar. “Drying” is not a particularly good idea.


Try polishing, it works for turds. :smile: