The Joy of Cigars


R & J petit corona :+1:


For the record, yesterday was an Arturo Fuente Signature.

Thanks Edd :+1:


Oh, I sooo wish they didn’t give me a head ache these days! :frowning:


I’ve had a bit away from them due to the brace and mouth issues.
Last one made me have a stinking hangover. Maybe it was the cognac and wine though :smirk:


Yeah well, I don’t necessarily want one until the cognac stage of an evening!


I remember going to the 14th birthday of my friend Andy. His dad got rather pissed and said: “have a look at this lads and produced his penis around the base of which was tattooed a yellow band with the words Henry wintermans written on it.”

I remain conflicted on the issue of if Andy’s dad was a sex pest or hysterical ?




Say ten hail growlers and repent


one of my School pals claimed his Dad had “Walls” tattooed along his - as per

thankfully I only had my class mates word to go on.


Sex pest, definitely.


Begs the question of how far do you smoke?
Etiquette is half way.


Until I can’t hold it :slight_smile:


Only rich folk throw half way :smirk:

I’m with you


Santa Damiana in the sun…


Montecristo courtesy of @pmac. Thank you very much Paul :grinning:

Consumed with a pint of chilled Safety BBQ Pale Ale leftover from Lopwell :+1:


My kind of cigar.

Just filled up my xikar travel box with a few for my jollies…


What ? Free ?


Brought few back from Florida, getting a bit full.

Should probably cnc a humidor.


Oh my :heart_eyes:


Yesterday at Burghley Donkey Trails :slight_smile: