The League of Gentlemen

10 pm BBC2 tonight, don’t forget.


I had, thank you!

I have twelvety beers chilling in the fridge.



Local brewery?

It’s special stuff…


I’m laughing so far :joy:

Enjoyed that. Having recently watched the first three series, it certainly carries on in the same vein.

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Very good
dark, funny.

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Hmmm, jury is out here.

Although I accept that they will NEVER recreate the dark majesty of the first series, I did think this was a bit of a ‘get to know you’ episode one. I hope it improves as the stories develop, otherwise it is going to be disappoint.

My wife came from Glossop & we used to take our boys (who were introduced to LoG at quite a young age) from there on the train round to Hadfield where there was the Royston Vasey cafe & a butcher’s shop down where Hilary Briss’ shop was.

She was pleased to see they’d added some new Glossop locations including her secondary school.

I quite enjoyed this. Some good funny material amongst it as well as a few wince inducing moments.

Deliciously dark.

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Great to see the lads back again.
My wife looked horrified when Mr Chinnery exploded the hedgehog. Can’t wait to see the remaining episodes tonight and tomorrow.


Louise did too - she also asked “is this comedy?”.

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Exploding hedgehog will live with me forever.
Tickets on sale tomorrow


Bingo caller was superb. I’m really enjoying this shame it ends tomorrow :rage:

Which wife, Papa?


Bingo was brilliant

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Much better tonight :+1:

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Yep; pure pathos

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