The London Audio Show 20/21 April 2024

Anyone here going if only for pens and mugs?

Sunday again

Yes I might be up for that could go either day depending on who’s going

Same here

There appear to be just 23 Exhibitors - hard to see how that can be commercially viable?

I was wondering about it, as I’m going starting a course in Palma on the Monday, so travelling through London wouldn’t really be adding much to the trip, but it does look to be really very small.

Good point. I hadn’t even looked. That does seem a very short list. I’ll maybe take a look nearer the date before deciding. Just up for a day out with little expectation tbh but from the current list I might not bother.

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So as I had a free ticket I decided to go take a look. As @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion pointed out there are very few rooms :person_shrugging: The Whittlebury show was substantially bigger than this. How can a London based show have such a low turnout of exhibitors?. Most rooms sounded average. OK so I was there early so maybe some kit needed to warm up a bit but the return to many rooms left me underwhelmed. One of the reasons I made the journey was because we had Gershman speakers in use. In this case their Monitor Studio standmounts. I was hoping that they might have the relaxed presentation of the Avant Guard model that I used too own but no. I suppose ‘Studio’ says it all. Still pretty good just not what I was hoping for.

They did have a very nice looking Zavfino turntable in the system.

The Winters Audio room was very impressive (no ob1 in attendance though which was a shame. Apparently its a busy day at the Crawfish restaurant.) The system was being driven by a Gryphon Essence 120 integrated with Giya loudspeakers and centre stage a direct drive turntable with a milled aluminium plinth from a new UK company called Onkk. Very nice if you like the curvacious look.Fitted with a Tri-Planer arm and a Murasakino Sumile cartridge. The system sounded really good.

Audio Note does it again. I walked in to Rage Against the Machine being played. A nice change from the usual meh. Those small pair of Ax2 standmounts were amazing. Rage was followed up with some Gorillaz which again sounded great. A very impressive system at the low end of their product range.

The other room I really liked was the Russell K room which was running a pair of the RED 50se standmounts with Rega amplification. Lovely sounding speakers.

That’s pretty much it. Very disappointing overall. Anyone looking for free mugs and pens @Stu forget it. Its a barren wasteland. Not even any vinyl stalls. £3 for a half filled cup of tea and ULEZ charges don’t help either :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I won’t bother next year. Whittlebury is way better and free tea and pastries. :grin:


Wasn’t Mik there?

Not sure tbh

He mentioned he was doing, it perhaps he didn’t make it?

Onkk is interesting although Googling it finds a picture/news story about it from 2021.

Must have taken a while to get it to market.

Liking their insta page

That Onkk TT :face_vomiting:

Yes, the looks aren’t for me either but it seems like there’s some worthwhile engineering in it.

Underside of the platter

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There’s a tie in with Emporium and Onkk I seem to remember

Looks like Mik was listed:

I think the designer is from the Bungay area so quite possibly.

Yes it was Nick at Emporium and an engineer/horologist

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