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The Rectums do seem to go deep enough



Be interesting to see what the distortion is like at 125 Hz at some typical SPL


Have you tried with no back chamber?


It’s about -35dB


No, I need to get them off and sort all that out. I can’t just remove the back box, it would all fall apart IIRC.


Right I’ve been fucking about with Holm, REQ and rephase all morning. I now have a convolution filter for a 4-way system ready to go, although I am not sure I can even try it until Monday with family stuff over the weekend.

I’ve decided to bypass the 2441s until the new phragms arrive.

This convolution runs EQ on all drivers, flattening them and matching left and right, evens out the phase at the low end and applies 8th order Linkwitz-Riley linear phase crossovers at 125, 1500 and 6000.


I have no idea what all that means, but sounds good. You need a beer fridge down there next.


Having read this, understanding some of it and not other bits, I’m now in a better position to evaluate your previous advice to me about the merits of going DIY vs OEM with horns.

In summary I’m glad I largely ignored it and bought the AVs :smile:

Good luck to you though, I bet they’ll sound fab in the end :+1:


This doesn’t sound like sufficient faff to me.

You need R2R.


Hey you’re a consultant, why would you bother to take the time to learn about something you’re actually interested in? :wink:


Meanwhile it still sounds fucking shit, with hints of genius :unamused:


I find that a lot with horns. Bloody frustrating. The best speakers I’ve heard have been horns but the worst ones I’ve heard were also horns.


Yeah, I need to take most of the drivers apart and get at them with a screwdriver, I reckon


I’ll bother when you’ve learned to get a decent tune out of them :wink:


He’s nearly there Wayne. The phase is lowered out at the low end and the linky winky crossovers are coming on nicely…


… all he needs now is a Dolby.



…another nail/head forum strapline


For certain :joy::joy:


Nor does Adam, to be fair.