The Man Cave

I suppose it’s about time.

My basement got a bit out of control a few years ago, as stuff accumulated. Given that the Windows PC was last updated in early 2015, it’s been a while. Anyway in the last week or so I’ve excavated it, taken loads of shit to the tip, sorted out the storage and generally cleaned it up.

New photo by Adam Slim

Over the last few days I have sorted out the cables and hifi stuff. And… it works…

View from listening position:
New photo by Adam Slim

New photo by Adam Slim

New photo by Adam Slim


At the moment I’m using solid state amps: Yamaha pro P7000 for the sub, Rotel six channel for the three mids and a TA2020 thing for the treble.

Speakers are Lab Subs, Renkus Heinz SSD-5600, JBL 2441, 2461 and 2405

Crossover points are 125, 500, 2k and 8k. All 4th order running in JRiver.

I’ve put in delay roughly measured, so the three higher speakers are pushed back to roughly align with the lower ones.


(The green was prior to the delay, blue afterwards.)

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The work to do is substantial: measure each driver, optimise the crossover, perform some driver correction.

Physical changes will include new diaphragms for the 2441s, which have been needed for a while, and sort out the back boxes for the Rectums.

If we can not have photos for that, that would be good.

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Rectums (snigger)


Will it look like this when its finished?


Yes, exactly like that. *

  • not even in his wildest dreams.


Adams’s system looks like a pair of Terry’s shoes. That system looks like a pair of Churches Brogues.

My bet is Adam’s rig sounds bloody good though!

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Can we have a more detailed pic, from the side perhaps, of the horn that the RH is attached to? Does it go down to a 2.4" diameter throat? How long is that horn overall?

125 Hz seems quite ambitious for that driver to get down to.

Can Terry merge this & the drain rod thread?


It shows promise, but needs a lot of work

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I’ll do a rectum side view when I can move again.

It does indeed go down to a 2.4" throat, there is a drop that you can’t see that’s about 1m long, so it’s about 3m long in all.

I am rather worried about the wide dip at 200Hz, as only the rectums can cover this area. However, the fact that there is a significant difference between the green and blue traces shows that they have good output at 125Hz.

The back box is a real issue - it’s one that I made with @coco, but it’s definitely too small - I’m not sure it’s much bigger than the original. A larger one should allow it to go deeper.

I’ll only really know what’s going on when I measure each drive on its own. EQ may be my friend.




Done some measuring today. Started off nicely, with a 0dB (i.e. fucking loud) HolmImpulse signal being sent to all drivers with no crossover; my ears are still ringing and once again I give thanks for JBL pro drivers being cuntproof.

Anyway one of the 2441s is 10dB down on the other, which explains a lot, although it actually measures quite similar apart from that. I really shouldn’t have twatted the diaphragm with a screwdriver, you live and learn. New phragms are on their way already.

It shows some real promise when you listen to it. It’s somehow better than my L300s despite being massively flawed - the detail pickup is just amazing, and the Lab Sub bass is effortless.

This is going to be all win.


Fucking imbecile.


Hey I thought that was my job?

Adam’s better than you at it.