The Masters

All set up for a thrilling weekend with a tightly packed field and all the big names in with a chance.

Would be nice to see Sergio finally win a major.

Get. In. The. Hole.

Fortunately Mr Woods is not playing so the ‘dumb meter’ is a little lower than usual.

So, you are interested in something other than world destruction…and betting :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there could be betting…

Lets just say if Ryan Moore wins I’ll be a very happy bunny.:+1:

Justin Rose, Mickelson or Fowler would be beneficial to my Betfair balance as well, but Moore is well into 4 figures.

I can’t be bothered with sport unless I have a financial interest.:grimacing:

If rose,Westwood or Scott make the top 4,I might be in the position to take an hour off work next week

For fear of repeating myself but: Meh fecking golfists. Cunts the lot of them…:triumph:

just go and buy a green jacket, non?

It’s never stopped you before :laughing:

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I have no idea what’s going on, but I watch it every year, quite religiously.

I find it very relaxing.

Got it on HD right now.

Mmm, azaleas.

I like it too. It’s the only golf I like, and the BBC coverage is adequate - just the end of the last two days. It’s good to see how much they can fuck up this course despite beautiful weather.

Happy enough with round 3.:sunglasses:

I enjoy it.

It’s scheduled perfectly to watch, and never finishes too late.
In my childhood years we had a run of British winners and it was mandatory viewing. The habit has stuck.

Exciting stuff.:grinning:

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Took its time,but has come alive now.

Just brilliant entertainment.

Love to see Rose win for England (again!) but will be more than chuffed for Sergio too, especially because of the first major and Seve’s 60th

On balance, I’ll sit on the fence :smile:

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It’s win win.

Was surprised to hear the other day that there are only 30 members of Augusta and it is invite only.god knows how the average punter would fair on those greens