The Masters


Get the kettle on


Off to watch it in bed.


Balls to the kettle, I’m running out of whisky!



Can hear my alarm clock as they walk down the grass


Nip up the 24 hour Tesco


That eagle on 15th was fantastic his first in 400 plus masters holes


Great plan :+1:

Should get back to see the result on the six o’clock news tomorrow evening. Just need to get some shoes on and I’m off.


You need a speed boat




The camaraderie between the two players is palpable. Lovely to see.

Whatever the result, bring on the Ryder Cup!


Garcia needs to win it on this first playoff hole (18th), if it goes down the 10th I think Rose will win it.

I might be totally wrong though.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nowt like hedging your bets, Paul :laughing:


I cashed out after the 15th - some profit is better than none.




I’d probably go with my 3 wood then the 5 iron here,not sure what Id use for the other 6 shots though


No it’s 18, 18, 10



Lucky boy




That should be that - congratulations Sergio.


Advantage mr Garcia