The Milk Float Thread

I’m driving a van again now and the wife doesn’t like the Volvo very much. Apparently the seats aren’t brown enough for her.

So we have a Nissan Leaf on 24hr loan.

Pro points, it’s actually quite good at being a car.

Neg points, it looks shit from the outside and the leather seats only come in black. No brown option.
You can however spec the outside in metallic brown paint. :+1:

Here is a photo of it looking terrible on the driveway.

Looks alright to me :+1:

looks like its got a knob sticking out of the front

Have you no shame?

April is next month this surely is a spoof


Just buy an Astra. You know it makes sense.

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I think that if you can make an electric car work for you, it’s a really obvious choice. I do loads of short journeys, and using petrol seems so inappropriate it’s just annoying.

Where’s Noddy and Big Ears got to?

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You’re right, it looks a fucking state. Perfect car if the statement you want to make about yourself is ‘bell end’.


Handy parking / charging below the swimming pool tho.

I read that Malvern is on the electric car nerds holiday trail because of those charging points.

Yep. That’s a reason to go :roll_eyes:

Malvern = cool kids utopia

Needs a jump start already, not a good sign.


Another Japanese company ploughs money into hydrogen,

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Fixt. Tru dat.

I like it.

Malvern or Nissan Leaf?

Sort of equally. One looks a bit shit, but is quite good. The other looks quite good, but is a bit shit.


We bought a brand new one with some extra stuck on shiny bits and a Bose stereo.
Leaf is the new Volvo.