The Milk Float Thread


Japan has coal, and there’s a massive oil pipeline from Siberia. They are looking at building an LNG pipeline from Kazakhstan I think it is. They ship a lot, and it’s expensive. Despite the obvious geology issues, they still are looking to move to pipelines.

What fuel is the solar power converted into? Hydrogen? Are you seriously proposing that ships full of high explosive are more immune to terror attacks than pylons? Lithium batteries? Ditto.

If we can create a useful fuel from CO2 and water plus renewable electricity then it’s all peachy, but I don’t know of any processes that are viewed as remotely technically possible at industrial scale.


Yes they do. In 2016 Japan dug 1.4 million tonnes of coal, up from zero in each of the previous three years (at least). They imported 209.2 million tonnes. So they dug about 0.7% of what they needed then.

The ‘massive oil pipeline’ from Siberia will be supplying some fraction of the oil which generates just 9% of the electricity. So still a drop in the ocean (no pun intended - as you say, pipelines, earthquake zone, hmmm …). My point was not that they might go to piping in some speculative future. It was that they have made shipping work in the real-world past.

No, I’m not proposing hydrogen (check my first post) although others have. Even if I was though, the terrorists would have to blow up a lot of ships (hundreds ?) to shut a country down but hardly any pylons (fewer than ten ?). Plus it’s harder to hit a moving target and you don’t have to sail them through Fanatistan.

That’s OK. You can’t be expected to know everything. Here you go.



Syngas? That has a long way to go to be useful here. You’re proposing totally unproven tech on a fraction of the scale required, rather than a network of cables. I can only assume that you’re trolling.


I can only assume that you don’t have access to an internet search engine



Some interesting reading for the pious…–-what-does-it-really-cost/n16833


What a mess. In other words, every opportunity for cuntery is being exploited by these charge point providers.


Imagine if you rocked up to a garage forecourt and got half a tank having paid for a full tank. They’d be shut down within a week.


Yup, it stinks, but it’s the future…apparently :frowning:


It’s an early free market, so a massive fuck up right now. I did look into in a while back. You can find maps that give the details of local chargers; each company has a different system of charging. To get the best deals you need to sign up with each and know whether they charge a flat rate or per charge used, and know how long you’re going to be parked there.

While it’s fucking stupid, once you suss it out you’d be fine for your local area. Further afield and it would be bloody annoying though.

I’d like to think that over time it would settle down and stay to make sense, but in practice it’s only when the EU step in that sanity is reached, when the market fails, and presumably that’s never going to happen here. Ho hum.


What EU?


As shown, delivery and stating amounts vary. There appears to be no legislation to control this shit. How can you advertise 43kWh and supply 22 ???


What’s your broadband speed…


Ahhhh, promised 25 but actual…


Strewth mate, that’s faster than a kangaroo with a rocket up it’s arse.


Bollinger B1 - 360bhp & 0-60 in 4.6 secs


Prefer a Bowler


All new, never been tested in the field by idiots.


Just discovered that a mate has bought a Tesla model S.

So being a nosey twat I googled prices.

“From £75k”

Fuuuuuuuu …

And here’s me sucking my teeth about a second hand Mini.


You could get a decent watch for that eh Guy? :wink:


if he owns his own business, and it is making decent profits, the tax advantages around them makes them v tax efficient company cars

otherwise there is no reasonable excuse