The Milk Float Thread


I remember a Sales Rep I worked with driving one of those years ago, poshed up Primera :slight_smile: the other rep had a Primera and was very jealous :joy:



and the most popular colours


hmmm Beige…who the hell is still buying a beige car




Volvo owners who can’t get brown.


errr you did


Haha, not sure if…


Think I’m getting reverse trolled, tbh.


Tell them you wen for the optional flux capacitor with quantum tunnelling feed for zero point vacuum energy.


I feel for the minimum wage / intern type who has to sit there and shitpost on their feed all day.

They’re not getting paid for critical thinking.


Sounds like a great wheeze if you ask me. Beats any number of real jobs.


Probably got six cameras for that, they saw you coming


I’m not sure that I agree with their conclusion. Tesla cars seem great, but they are expensive; other electric cars are available from manufacturers that are actually better at making cars.


Agree, bit of a silly headline. It should be perfectly possible to get the efficiences required to turn a profit, scale is just one half of the equation. At one time I ran an efficiency and cost down team for BMW and we would analyse the cost drivers for each car (production but preferably pre production) and the deliver whatever design, process or supplier cost down projects were required.

If Musk doesn’t have something similar then he’s dumber than he looks or has an ineffective chief operations officer without the required knowledge and experience.


I think that he’s really smart, but he’s not actually the best person to take a company from idea and growth stage to cash generation.


Is it me, or is he starting to look like William Shatner in his TJ Hooker years?


It’s you :stuck_out_tongue:


Very perceptive. New glasses @Jim?


Seem being the operative word. They are great from an electric car basis, but as a normal car they are rubbish. Poorly built and finished.


I see a lot of them on the road around here, far more than any other £100K+ cars anyway.