The Milk Float Thread

It really is weather dependent. Driven very conservatively, on a mild day about 200.
I bank on 150ish, and plan around that.

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The fucking badge has disappeared off the front of mine, I’m not sure whether it was stolen or just fell off :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Today, while doing an astonishing 3.57m/kWh on the drive home, I saw an actual Fisker Ocean.

Check to see if any eco-conscious hip hop artists are wearing it.

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Confused Public Enemy fan (s) living nearby?

When I had a VW, I often had to replace the wheel centre caps…

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I have a new one coming, I was thinking I would glue the fucker on but there’s all sorts of sensors and shit on the front, I’m might block summat.

Can’t recall where I originally saw the link to this but not related I hope.

Might be true?

Useful to be reminded just how extreme & Batshit crazy the Telegraph has become.


Imagine reading articles in the DT


I’d need to be on some strong drugs

WTF charging an EV battery in 10mins would need around 700 amps

PS - there’s no way I’m reading a wanky torygraph or daily fail article though.


I suspect the Venn diagram of “drug options strong enough for me to read the DT” and “drug options that still allow me to actually read” has zero crossover.


It has the best cryptic crossword, and excellent sports news.

That hardly justifies the rest of the ‘journalism’ in that rag though, does it?


I don’t consider any of that whilst working out one down.

We’ve an upcoming trip down to Brighton, any recomendations for Parking/Charging near the centre or wing it with the NCPs? 7kW would be fine as it will be charging overnight.

Pease pottage services is 10-15 mins drive away and has lots of charging now.