The Pasteis De Bellend

It’s quite simple: find the finest PDN the British Isles has to offer. Have at it. :grinning:


I’ve one more home made to eat & then it’s back to pasteis de nata having had a couple of stunners in Seville

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When I was back in Hartlepool I bought some from (I think) Lidl. They were very good indeed.

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Our Lidl ones aren’t much cop. In fact the only disappointing ones I’ve ever had. Shame cos they are dirt cheap.

Lidl have them in their in store bakery. :+1:

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It was Lidl, I was in their new store at a retail park last Sep. They were baked in-store and delicious.

Maybe it varies from store to store?

I’m feeling a pasteis de nata thread coming on. There is plenty to row about with them and a definite purity. One false move and it’s a custard tart, not a bad place but not quite the crunchy yet chewy real thing. The quest could be to find the finest available in brexitard blighty.

Have clotted cream but no pies

Have you tried Cafe de nata in Old Compton St?

No and I work in Clerkenwell now. I’ve meant to go but it slips my mind…

yes, they are good but not Portugal good. Also they sell imposters adorned with fruit for example

Looks like Fortnum’s do them, already my eyes are angered, looks like a spunk flambe over there.

Some starters, for the searing eyes of consumable contempt.

Ah, the obscene filo rim. It should be almost non-existent and deeply caramelised.

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It should have bovine hide like caramelized patches - Fortnum’s look like they got jazzy and filled them with Nutella .


Apart from the Fortnums obscenities, there are a few good efforts there although also a couple that aren’t carbonised enough.

Calling @Stepmotheratomicbomb your thoughts se você por favor


I will be able to sample extensively on our visitation to Portugal in the summer

My bad,
Misread the thread title,

Thought you were talking about this


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