The problems of musicianship

(with a pet parrot)

Gordon Tyrrall posted this on FB a few days ago:
" I was opening the concert at Otley folk festival last night in the magnificent parish church venue when I was joined on stage by an unexpected accompanist 😄. I had left Maya the parrot sitting in the audience but she sought the limelight,flew round the huge space for a while, and then landed on my shoulder. I happened to be singing The Outlandish Knight at the time :-

"The parrot being up in the window so high
Hearing the lady did say
I fear some ruffian has led you astray
You tarried so long before day
Don’t prattle,don’t prattle my pretty polly
And tell no tales on me
And your cage will be made of the glittering gold
And your perch of ivory
Her father being up in his bedroom so high
Hearing the parrot did say
"What ails you what ails you my pretty polly?
You prattle so long before day
There came an old cat on top of my cage
To take my sweet life away
And I was just calling on my young mistress
To drive old puss away"


Good job he wasn’t singing ‘I am the Walrus’

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Indeed. Or “Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear”, which he does a good version of. :grinning:

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