The shed thread

I’m looking for a roughly 8’ x 4’ size place to escape my family, but it seems like there’s a large variation in cost for sheds of that size (from between c.£300-2000) with no discernable difference in quality that I can tell from website descriptions.

Can anyone recommend a good shed manufacturer? Is getting one from B&Q ok or should I look elsewhere for more robust ones?


The gentleman’s last bastion. Have you thought of something like these

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How about a metal or plastic one? Maintenance free.
We bought a metal one from Argos to keep the chicken food in, it was a bit of a fiddle to assemble but does the job.

We have a one man band, close to us, and they will build any configuration you want.
See if you have one near you.

I had not, but if robustness is the last bastion of love then roll on…

Keter plastic ones look tidy but a few people I know that have them weren’t impressed with the quality so that’s kind of put me off.

We considered that. Our builder said he’d do it (he has good carpentes/joiners), but it’d be more expensive than buying one. Could try getting more quotes though.

With a shed builder, they also erect.
If you have it built for you, you can have them paper the frame, before putting the siding on. It makes more air tight.
I also insulated the floor, before they laid it.

Solid, good quality shed/Cheap

Pick one.

Build your own is the way to go. It’s not exactly difficult and at least you won’t have to resort to flimsy, overpriced B&Q shite.

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There’s a garage with a nice asbestos roof going for nowt - collection only?


We bought and built one of these a couple of years ago, from memory was a two day build (plus a day before for an optional brick plinth we built on an existing concrete slab).

Was very solid with the 28mm thick walls, so you can fix shelves directly to it. We also added insulaton under the floor and in the roof as well as optoning for the thicker 26mm floor boards.
If we needed another, I would probably pay the extra for double glazing.

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Build one from pallets, seen some impressive stuff for couple of hundred, takes a lot of time but if you have the tools and vaguely handy well worth doing


Have you finished yours yet?

Gave me great pleasure 12 months ago to fly a drone all over his property and to seek out the shepherd’s hut although he & family were away at the time. This was before he became Foreign Secretary. I imagine the drone would be incinerated in seconds if I tried the same now!


Hmmm. Not to the original plan, but then I got a garage built so I haven’t needed to finish the interior.

But it’s water tight and full of shit so I’m happy to call it done.


Some lateral thinking here. I know you’re asking about sheds but fuck that. Have you thought about getting a dog? Long solitary walks with a lovely dog sound better to me than huddling alone in a shed. You’ll get a lot more back from a dog than you will from a shed and you’ll be a lot fitter. I know it’s a stupid idea but really, why not?