The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Mum’s the word :wink:.



Mum’s a word :unamused:


Living close to Porton Down is reasonable for a Russian defector

It is disgraceful behaviour by the country that did this. it might not even be the Russians!


An extra helping of foo with your speaker cables sir?


anyone have fond memories of

I sold my ZX80 to fund the purchase of a ZX81


Those were the days, although my first machine was a spectrum.


Fuck the 16K ram pack, still bitter after all these years


ZX80 then 81. And then one magical Christmas i had a 48k Speccy with Manic Miner (cassette obvs).


I’ve still got a boxed ZX81 in the attic.


I subsequently sold my ZX81 for a Spectrum 48k. I also had one of those thermal printers as well.




Oh yeah, my first door wedge was a ZX81, happy days playing 3D MONSTER MAZE.


Missed all the Spectrum based stuff by being far too young.

First computer I remember was a 486 running 32MB of RAM if memory serves…



How could you tell the difference?


That’s a relief, just found the local Hifi shop…!




Many a happy hour spent typing out lines of code from computer magazines (and debugging or waiting for next months issue with the corrections).


I had one of those, I quite liked it, although the benefit of the spectrum was that there was so much content - mags and the like


Yep, the TI was “quirky” :slightly_smiling_face: