The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


VIC20 ftw. Couldn’t afford a C64.


Arrived home last night to find a Trebor soft mint at the side of our bed with a little hand written note with it from Amy (our daughter).

“Trebor mints are a minty bit stronger, stick em’ up your bum and they last a bit longer…”



Not as good as Toblerone though


Excellent - I still hum that one to myself whenever I see a pack in a shop :joy:


You’ll need this to bridge the gap toblerone has made :wink:


The NME ceased to exist in form I remember ages ago - but it is truly gone now


Hardly surprising - the weekly copy is shite


Fuck, more fallout from the FSB, was pretty much on the cards to be a nerve agent but if they got a sample they can trace the manufacture location from the chemical fingerprint.

Not that the UK would ever do anything about it though.


Yep, I had to laugh with Boris’s strong statement about repercussions. WTF can we do about it?!


Not send one of the minor chinless wonders to the World Cup this summer possibly, unless Andrew or Edward really fancies it.


Send Boris with a one way ticket to be arrested.
Then Gove.
Then Davis.
Then May.
Then Farage.

Then ask them if they want to surrender…


Any chance that lot could be put on the same plane and take the Ukraine route to Moscow?


Tbh, I’m more concerned about the police officer, doing their job and responding to someone in need. I really hope they apprehend the twat/s. :rage:


I’m sure whoever did it are professional,but there must be a fair bit of cctv unless they worked out a route containing minimal camera coverage


If the reports were correct about them making strange movements when found and the policeman having difficulty breathing it sounds more like sarin than VX.

Really nasty and to use that in a public place shows they really don’t give a shit about other victims and are not professional, this was more about sending a very public message as they could have easily killed him quietly.


Sarin can’t be that hard to make. The Japanese lunatic Aum Shinrikyo sect managed it back in the 1990’s. Curiously they have since developed a Russian angle too



This wasn’t a Japanese cult, it’s pretty much certainly a Russian govt organised assasination attempt.

Russia has been supplying Syria with nerve agents for decades and they aren’t shy of using them.


The cabinet are boycotting caviar :weight_lifting_woman:


Would take something more serious than Russian assassinations to take Caviar off the Westminster bar menu.

Instead of buying our gas from Russia they’ll buy it from the Ukraine instead :wink:


No need, there’s a massive untapped supply in the UK. It’s unbelievable that we don’t exploit it. It could easily provide ALL UK sourced power for another 20 years