The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


@Jim ?


He could make enough to send back to Russia


right in one :+1:

sadly time was up

Here’s what you could have won




shame :wink:


Damn I was hoping for the telly


Fantastic, great. Keep out of the black and in the red, nothing in this game for two in a bed.




At least he doesn’t beat about the bush. No point in pussy footing around. It’s not like we can do much in reality.


‘Someone’ has told the BBC this morning that it was neither sarin nor VX. It was something more unusual. If so then the simplest explanation is that the Russians did it. The next simplest is that someone got hold of some Russian stuff and used it to implicate the Russians. The next simplest is that someone worked out how to copy the Russian stuff and used it to implicate the Russians. It’s also possible that the BBC’s source is misleading them of course. I don’t watch enough international crime drama on the telly to work out which.



I agree, although without some evidence it could be someone effectively trying to frame Russia.


I presume the delay in reporting what it is, is down to the police checking it wasn’t MI5/6, CIA first??


anyone got any obscure old gear gathering dust


Describes most of my equipment


remember the Rubiks cube?


Was that figured out by AI, or did he just program in the moves?


doesn’t need AI to solve that - it isn’t computationally difficult to work out a solution with brute force.

Apparently the time includes image capture, computing the solution and flipping the faces

more here



Claire has just produced a box of masquerade masks and asked which one I am going to wear for her party tonight.
“Which one do you want to wear, this one is nice…”
“Why are we wearing masks, when did you decide this?”
“It’s always been going to be a masquerade party. I told you ages ago.” (she definitely didn’t mention it at all, because she knows full well I’d have refused…)
“I don’t remember that. FFS, do I have to dress up too?”
“What do you think? You’re wearing this one, put your dinner suit on, get over it.” :roll_eyes::rage:

FFS. I suppose I can put Visage on repeat to get into the New Romantic vibe. Shame I don’t have a cape or one of those long tailed jackets. Or a flouncy silk shirt, or be in my 20’s and still slim.


You should wear a Zorro mask and get pissed as a newt in protest.


I shall post a picture of the ridiculousness of me in a mask later or maybe tomoz. Need to go and spruce up now.

Getting pissed is a distinct possibility.