The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Sell him some alpaca herding tips.



Done :+1:


Amazing. Who was the Syrian-American officer that knew you & yet didn’t tell him how much of a cunt you were? And they are flying the injured US troops out to that renowned medical centre Canberra now? Despite it being about 3000 miles further away than New York. Certainly makes a lot of sense

Have you decided how to spend your ‘compensation’?


I suspect the “medical treatment” of the officer was actually Sodders organ harvesting…


You have posted his letter on the internet! :scream:
That probably counts as ‘betraying him or his family’. You had better get a new identity or at least a new pair of sunglasses, he will probably come after you.


Me neither. I just assumed that they’d realised how skint I am.



Quite fancy my 10th pair of speakers - round numbers up a tad…



Fuckin’ 'ell, we’re not going to have a friggin cream tea thread now, are we ?


Not til June the 1st


Although they are absolutely right to kick off about it. As any fule kno, it’s butter (salted) then jam, then cream. Other arrangements are an abomination. Jam on the cream. FFS!


I have one side of each configuration just to annoy everyone in the room.


One with the cream on top, one with the jam on the cream.

They taste exactly the fecking same, but you have an excuse to eat two.

The thought of turning one’s nose up at a cream tea because of the precise nature of the cream/jam interface is quite funny…



After the bacon/hcb debacle, I’m somewhat amazed that @Jim hasn’t been along to advocate adding a fishfinger or two and a gherkin to the scones, jam and cream yet.


there’s still time.


An anchovy or two would be better…:kissing_heart:


So that would be butter, jam, cream, then anchovies?

How about putting the anchovies on before the cream?

Nah, that would be horrible…


Better than what, the fishfinger or the gherkin? Might be a bit salty for you given your penchant for faux beurre sans sel.


Now look at what you’ve started.

Does anyone advocate dunking ?


The question is, what type of cream? Clotted or not?