The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Only clots are acceptable here


Cheese scone + salted butter + caramelised onion marmalade + cream cheese = epic culinary win :ok_hand:


I enjoy mine as a scone sarnie, so to speak. TBH it all goes in one gobfull anyway so the order of the filling is nonsensical. I prefer raspberry jam to strawberry jam.


There is no other for scones.


Quite right too. I would go for savoury every time. I’m not that big a fan of cream teas…but if you are going to have one it should be done correctly :face_with_monocle:


I love both.

It appals me to see what gets passed-off as a cream tea in some parts of Britain - single and boggo double cream, “cream” out of spray cans, jams that are anything other than home-made strawberry, supermarket scones, peel and even spice in the scones, unsalted butter, even m#rg#r#n#!!! :face_vomiting: You name it: criminal obscenities perpetrated in the name of something wonderful.

Horrifying - there should be custodial sentences for such monsters.


You’re too soft. It’s what’s wrong with this country, When we take back control, it should be possible to hang draw & quarter people serving low fat spread or Hartleys jam as part of a cream tea.


I am suitably humbled, you are of course quite right - examples must be made!

“low fat spread” . . . or “Vaseline” as we used to know it . . .:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


has to be Salted butter, jam then heaped clotted cream. It doesn’t work the other way round, you cant spread jam on heaped cream


Good to see the engineering argument put forward correctly :+1:


Good jam is spooned, not spread.

So there.


I justed wanted to say that this place is top of the league when it comes to long distance pedantry.

The levels of stamina on display here are mind boggling.


It’s nice to know we are achieving our goals.


It’s puzzling to reflect that we have goals…


BTW, does scone rhyme with bone or gone? Just wondering like…:thinking:


I like to pronounce scone either way, just to keep those around me on their toes. :+1:


Since collar-gate, I have developed an irritating habit of always talking in the singular. It is particularly annoying with scone and bun.

You provide adequate scone. :slight_smile:


Not in Perth and Kinross it doesn’t,_Perth_and_Kinross.