The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


We spent some time on Saturday last teaching our 4 year old grandson how to read a clock. He’s getting really good.


John Humphrys confessed on air the other day that in the Today studio there is a device (screen, I’m guessing) which has the time displayed in the format


Bloody old people …




This is what we all need, just an hour & second hand :slight_smile:


Some before-the-watershed (pun intended) cussing at the start of this clip

I guess the residents of this ordinary street weren’t aware of the very impressive potential flood beneath their feet.



Impressive indeed.

The contractors who broke the pipe might be in a tiny bit of bother…



You can find a solution to Reverse Kundalini here


One may criticise the Guardian, but it has two recent articles that are great:

This one lambasts the various entities that have weighed into the awful Alfie Evans nightmare to push their own agendas

And this one discusses the toxic masculinity, #incel and how feminism is actually good for men

I give the Guardian a fiver a month for no direct personal benefit, occasionally they make it worthwhile. One does wonder how reporting will pan out over the next decade.


Despite me not agreeing with its politics, it’s probably the best paper available in the UK.


Related to the second article, Violence by James Gilligan is worth a read. I bought it after seeing it referenced in another article about gender and violence.



Believe me when I say that if anyone wants to swap my kids for some who are merely impediments to watching the telly and drinking, I’ll have their fucking arm off.






Yes, they go up to 11


I found some hifi magazines still in their wrappers while sorting the basement. Recycled, I figured that if I didn’t read them within ten years I could probably live without ever doing so.


Yep, it’s about that since your man-den was functioning :roll_eyes:


We bought a Grundig dishwasher…

…it sounds feckin great…:thinking: