The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)



I am sick of having to sit in the same GDPR briefing time and time again. The presenters just change the title but keep the content the same, so I have been through “GDPR for Chairs of Ethics Committees”, " GDPR Briefing for Academic Schools", “GDPR for Chairs of Boards”, and “GDPR for Line Managers”.

When I suggested that i wouldn’t go to any more, I was told my attendance was compulsory for my “function”, and given i have multiple functions, I need it multiple times…apparently.


Once you know the schtick well enough you need to start interrupting with a question about the very next thing they’re going to say. Sit right in the middle of the front row. They hate that.



I always sit in the front row for legroom



brieing is old hat, the report is behind the time. They need to try it with a big lump of stilton

they wanting to try anal brieing - that is right up there at the cutting edge of trend


I’m ashamed to say that despite spending a decade living in France, I’ve never heard of anal brieing. My last girlfriend was more likely to entertain back door fun after a few e but I’m pretty sure if I hit her back passage up with a brie triangle she’d not have been impressed e or no e.


I prefer mainlining Roquefort.


Dairylea. 9/10 rectums prefer it.






Tragic but sickeningly commonplace in these end times.


Can we all be sending as many thoughts and prayers as possible.


That ought to sort it


The USA is really fucked up. Leaving aside the NRA and all the mass shootings, this just seems plain wrong to me.

Mad to think that even backward little Ireland might be ahead of the USA on marriage equality, divorce and abortion rights by the end of the year.


They seem ok with children being murdered once they’re sentient.