The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


You were on a boat?


Er, house.


Happy birthday!


Of course not.
Boats don’t have backs, they have sterns


Wouldn’t have fancied flying through that stack…


M&S to be rescued by ‘scum’ dealers


The headline should read: Moves to guarantee a lie-in for AA members, except @rmsshipbroker. Steve can get up an extra half hour earlier as an object lesson to the malnourished. :smirk:


Intestinal worms for the win.



In accordance with this rise, an employment expert has suggested that overweight employees should be offered flexible starts and should have the right to sue employers if they are not offered jobs or promotions because of their weight.

Horse racing will be in fucking turmoil.


I assume that carbon vibration is an oblique Schumann reference.


In fairness, every Schumann reference is oblique


From Jim’ll Paint It, the Wu Tang Clangers.





The last one is the best :joy::joy::joy:


will this new style catch on?


A fucking apple would confuse most people on social meeja


In reference to Rossanne Barr and blaming medication for her racist tweet;

Farage tried blaming it on tiredness some years ago