The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Screenshot upload ftw.




Sometimes you really have to wonder about people. Tiny bit of line crossing here.


But she this was the result she wanted :rofl: couldn’t happen to a nicer cunt.




I enjoyed these two responses:


Twitter saying he was sent down for 13 months this afternoon;



Although it would have been better if it had been 13 years!


If London is so good, why do half of them try to get away from it during bank holidays? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bollocks. It seems much more than that :unamused:






The BBC weather forecast for today says thunderstorms every single hour until 1am. The Met Office says clear and sunny.

So far the Met Office is winning.


Had a massive thunder storm and cloudburst here around 7pm which lasted about an hour and the whole village has been without power since just after 8 - now it is going dark it’s rather eerie.


They mostly come at night, mostly…


The ice weasels?



Fantastic electric storm yesterday evening from the back deck.

Made a great backdrop for a birthday bbq! :grinning:

I think it would have been over The Chilterns, lasted about an hour.