The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Still, it’ll have been money well spent when you find all that TREASURE !

Bloke in a pub was it ?



FFS that’s about 20 minutes pipe mangling…


Forty mins. A pound a minute is a fair price for artisinal bending these days.





Fuck me that’s almost tradesmans rate :thinking:


Might have a couple of hours to kill in London next week,but out of touch with 2nd hand record shops.

Any tips for decent ones around Soho area?


Reckless and Sister Ray are still both on Berwick st, Sister Ray is now where Select-a-disc used to be.


If you get bored of record shopping Bradley’s is still on Hanway St, still the best little pub in the area and they still have a great vinyl jukebox with a great selection. Just across oxford st from Soho and a great way to kill a couple of hours.


Incredible indeed thanks for posting Dave - makes you think how many other similar stories must be out there.


A coffee and a ciabatta panini in that London


There’s not much left in Soho imho these days.
Reckless sometimes worth a quick skim.
Sounds of the Universe has second-hand downstairs-good if you have a decent bit of disposable cash.
If Music on D’arblay-if you have LOTS of spare cash :flushed:
Running out of ideas after that.
2nd hand, I’d be thinking of one of the Flashback stores maybe.
Cosmos up in Hackney has good soul, jazz and weird but gets spendy quickly.
Love Vinyl in Haggerston you might like.
I’ve just discovered Lion round the corner from me in Clapton, they sell coffee too!


Record shops that also sell coffee are awesome


Haven’t been for a while but Harold Moores Records on Gt Marlborough St used to have a big classical lp section in the basement, if that’s your thing.


The classical music I mean, not the basement.


At prices starting at “How Much?”.


Long gone sadly.


Quick trip on the Central Line gets you to Notting Hill. Are the various Exchange shops still going?


The one in Greenwich is and I assume in NH too.
Camden might be another destination-Out on the Floor has been there for years and has interesting stuff.
My pick for 2nd hand would be Flashback on Essex Rd I think. There is one in Shoreditch if you dare to venture.


This place can be good if you catch it right:


I think he used to have the shop on Kentish Town Road? Used to shop there a lot when I lived nearby.