The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Anything around Aldgate East area?


Well, you’d be round the corner from Love Vinyl in Haggerston. Check their website see if their stock interests you.
There’s Sister Ray and a Flashback near to each other up a little futher in Bethnal Green/Shoreditch.

Rough Trade East is the only other place I can think of at the moment nr AE.

Addit Opening times can be a bit random-worth phoning beforehand…


The baby is wearing this :stuck_out_tongue:


£40k for this.

Probably needs another £100k spending on it.


Comes with planning to split it into two houses (the two doors are currently a front door, and one that goes straight into a side return). Although why you’d want to do that beats me.





Norn Iron.

About 10 yards from my MiL.

Makes a degree of sense if I / we was / were going for a whole lifestyle reorientation.


Bargain,buy it,we need another bake off venue.:+1::hamburger:


Is it in David Davis’s proposed ‘buffer’ zone?


Is it in NEVER NEVER land


The need for bars on the windows would make me think twice…


Naw. I know the area very well. They’re not needed.

The worst thing that’s going to come through the window is the sound of the Mourne Young Defenders or the Bessbrook True Blues playing The Sash at 7am.


@Cambs13 will appreciate this…




Try clicking. Or maybe even logging in.


Not getting it Pete, just says content not available right now?


I am logged in



Don’t give up the day job. Oh yeah, that’s in IT isn’t it…


Maybe he’s a fan of content not found pages?



Hmmm, so any delays will be down to the airline IT, and not ATC delays ?!