The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


I’ll be taking mine down tomorrow as we have wind and rain forecast for Thursday. And I’ll have help as I did putting it up. It took two of us about 40 minutes to get it put together.


About time


Anything that pisses off Charlie Mullins is welcome to me! WAC.


A refreshing change up here


Interesting story. The BBC has managed to resist mentioning that plate tectonics is trying to achieve this, at least in part

But I haven’t :grin:.





Produced such a noxious fart in the kitchen this morning that the boys ended up leaving the room gagging. I’m chalking that up as a win


It’s not a win until you have beaten Jim…


That made I larf. When will politicians learn to keep the fuck away from rock’n roll (or whatever genre you wish to insert). twonks!


Fight!!! :mask:


Meh. Not a win until you have caused an air conditioning service call out.


Wasn’t Jim once rumoured to have caused an emergency services call out ? Something about a noxious stink troubling the south-east coast ? In the end it was suspected of being a supertanker misbehaving at sea, or possibly the smell of France blowing over. That’s the league that Jim operates in.



You might recall the recent Novichok scare? Well word has it that…:shushing_face:


Nah, they survived that…




Yep. Welcome to my world :unamused:


Shit is definitely the right word for this. FFS the guy selling this and those bidding had a vote on Brexit !


Oh dear…