The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Wonder how many gallons it does to the mile :thinking:


Engine biased into Class A.


Is this what you get when you ask @coco to build you an Astra?


The power to weight ratio is probably higher than anything he would build :slight_smile:


Only if you want it to move.:slightly_smiling_face: I bet it could put some heat…


Firstborn is off on a school trip next week, so as a send off we let him choose where we went for a meal out.

No hesitation: Turan

Serious proud dad moment there :heart_eyes:


I was listening to a discussion on the radio last week about a tv program called Love Island. I learned that Danny Dyer has a daughter who glories in the name of Dani Dyer. What a cunt Danny Dyer is.


He has neither the warmth or the depth of a cunt :rage:


I bet he really wanted a MaccyD but was afraid to ask.


Ok had to Google who Danny Dyer is and still none the wiser :grinning:


Consider yourself lucky, he is a class a A twunt.


Weasel-faced celebrity Cockney pisshead.


The fact that he named his daughter after himself tells you much of what you need to know. Not worth the time googling to find out more. In a nutshell he’s an actor of such limited range that he can only play himself - cockney geezer.


Ellie surprised me yesterday by asking me for a record. And not a bloody Shawn Mendes one either, a rap concept album, if you can imagine such a thing:

It’s actually quite good.

I asked her what she was going to play it on, because there’s no way I’m letting her loose on the Garrard, and she reminded me that I have 4 turntables hidden under my sofa, plus a couple of amps and CD players, and speakers on top of my wardrobe…



Sounds like Blakey


Rip both his arms off and ram them down his fucking throat. That’ll stop the racist cunt moaning and whinging.


Assembling a tower today to finish painting the outside of the house I note that the tower manufacturer has turned ‘guardrail’ into a verb.


I hired a tower once to do what was, conceptually, a very quick, simple job i.e. fitting cowls into the tops of two chimneypots. It was a learning experience. What I learnt was ‘Check the weather forecast for the next couple of days’.

Our chimneypots are as high as they can be, so the tower ended up being the tallest that they were prepared to rent out to an untrained amateur. The hire was over a weekend and the tower was delivered on the Saturday morning with the strict understanding that it would be collected very first thing on the Monday. I spent most of Saturday putting it up and then fitting the cowls. That went well.

But over Saturday night the weather turned ‘breezy’. Which in fact meant ‘bloody windy’. So on Sunday I had to get the tower down again and now the large boarded parts had become sails and the rail clips, which had popped together oh so easily, needed both hands to unpop them, when you really wanted to use at least one hand for hanging onto what was left of the increasingly unbraced (=rickety) structure. Disassembly, particularly of the high stages, took a very sweaty couple of hours.