The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


What you need is an auto reverse reel to reel deck…


In the past 2 months I’ve had two different HDD’s crash (managed to get most of one recovered) so unless you’re advocating some HiRes streaming option, having to keep multiple HDD’s duplicated at all times also seems somewhat ‘inefficient;’ as you put it. Not impossible, but something of a fag.

Remarkably, my CDs haven’t crashed yet. :grinning:


Here are some of my CDs. Not touched them for several years. The last resort backup.


It really isn’t. At least you can buy new hard disks, unlike bits for ancient optical drives. The CDs are your backstop backups in the case of failure, but really backups to another disk set are your friend as r ripping is a faff.

Or use Tidal for most stuff, with any rare stuff on local disk.

I assume you have backups of your important stuff now. You have, right?


He “managed to get most of one recovered”.

So not backed up then :+1::rofl:


I was questioning whether, in view of that experience, he was ensuring the important stuff was now being backed up.


I’m always shocked that people who have had really annoying data losses still don’t back up.

I’ve never had a data loss, which is annoying because I do have backups both on and off site.


I know, they are idiots.

I know me too


For serious listening I use records & tapes. Occasionally I’ll play a CD. For less critical listening I use Spotify premium & a chromecast audio into my DAC. I’ve rarely used the HDD in the past year mostly because I can’t be arsed further cluttering the listening room with a laptop/USB Dac etc when it, for the most part, doesn’t sound as good as the records or tapes. ymmv.


In any kind of domestic level usage, having 2 HDDs go in as many months is quite a statistical anomaly too.


Especially when you hardly ever use one of them.


Server based systems are still too complex if you aren’t entirely (relatively technically) PC competent.


Try again.

I’ve never had a HDD fail in 25yrs. But did have a 3.5inch floppy disc die in my 3rd yr at unit which caused a minor shit storm, it wasn’t backed up, once bitten twice shy.


It could be worse. I’ve not yet felt the need to punch a laptop to death when it wouldn’t play what I wanted to hear. :smiley:


Lol, that was the Windows Vista experience. I still have the hard disk from that, though. :rofl:



Stick a Wankel in it…


Or a Merlin. :rofl:


Slam it…