The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


I thought this looks interesting, but it’s the wrong type of speed



there could be trouble brewing


Can’t see this ending well!


As long as it ends, that’s the main thing.


Today’s most insulting LinkedIn message:

“Hello Alberto, [blah, blah, crap about about a non-existent job]”


Apparently Electrocompaniet are bankrupt.


Like that a LOT.

Very Mk11 Cortina sir.


I think the camera angle flatters it Mike, Iirc the Riva was a lot shorter than a cortina, more like a Fiesta with a boot in size.

I’d love to do a Mk11 Cortina hotrod, I wonder if you can fit a small block V8 in one…


Well, what do you know…


I’m sure there are some cracking Mk11 custom cars out there and I bet a V8 has been shoe horned into one.


Yep, the bankruptcy notice is online.


Ignore me :grinning:


Can’t see that on their website.


ELECTROCOMPANIET AS filed for bankruptcy
ELECTROCOMPANIET AS filed for bankruptcy today 19-06-2018

Norwegian link



Their kit was gorgeous. Back in the day I owned an ECI-3 integrated and then on to AW 180 monoblocks. Loved them back then. Now, perhaps just a tad sterile / hi-fi for me.


Early hifi show I went to had their integrated with a pair of Castle ( the originals ) speakers, and was the best sound at the show.


Funny you should say that. The integrated worked well with Castles and Pro-Ac stand mounts.


It made a lasting impression. Always regretted not buying a pair of Nemos when they came up at a very good price. Too cautious, should have just gone for it instead of waiting for a day off to go for a listen. They’d gone by then.