The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


winter’s on its way, the days are drawing in now.


What the bloody fuck?


actually not true, the nights get later for a few days - just saying



the days are getting shorter, even though for a few days the evening sun is slightly later.

just doesn’t have the same fucking ring to it.


Don’t forget everyone, it’s Suffolk day !



And there was me thinking that Wernham Hogg were based in Slough


Not the first time I’ve seen a fight on a bus, but the driver taking the bus out of service then basically abducting the perps is a new one on me.



I seen that in that there London. I haven’t been on one for ages but I an told the night buses these days are astonishing microcosms of London street life all in an enclosed space. So we see fighting, shooting up, arguing, shitting, sleeping, vomiting, ranting and fucking etc


Surely one could save the train fare to London, and just go to an AA bake off?


Suffolk-n what?


we no longer take the night bus - or the last train.


In which Hastings Pier is compared to Jesus Christ.


Been following this one closely as I live 15 minutes to the west of it. It’s certainly caused a stink locally. Not least as millions of public dosh was put in via lottery, council etc and it was sold for £50k.

But if he makes it work and people go on it then fair play.



It seems they have been bailed out today by a group of investors, so they’re back in business


Pleased for them


I was round at my sister’s today. She’s the one who hangs onto quite a lot of family stuff inherited from our parents. She had come across the Oxford Entrance Exam General Studies Paper that I’d sat when I was 18.

Here it is

Curiously it seems there was a different paper for men who wanted to read humanities (except music). But all the women had to sit this paper. What ?

I had a go at Qs 1, 5 (a), (b) and (f) and 8. I’ve no idea what I wrote. I strongly suspect it didn’t matter (it really didn’t a few years later, when I was on the other side of the student selection process).

I still remember Q4 :grin:.

I think General Studies is no longer a thing, is it ?



I love the question on Monopolies. There are just so many ways to get into trouble with that.


11,12 and 13 are easy. i suspect they may well be looking for more than yes or no though :slight_smile:

Along with Cambridge and a few others, they do seem to be dishing out the firsts at Oxford.