The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Decided on a whim at the hairdressers to have my head shaved (#2), now the baby looks even more like me


I once went to a presentation at a large UK telco for their latest Voice Recogntiion technology to be used over IP telephony. It bombed when addressed with a senior manager’s Estuary English.

Oh we laughed…



Apparently a real product…



what I’d like to know (or may be not) - is what were you searching for to yield that delight. Or are you proudly telling us that is yours?


Oddly enough it was on a FaecesBook page called “Australia - Remember When…?”

It also had an advert for a “Love Rug” :thinking:


I ordered a guitar off the interent last night from a company in London. I clicked confirm at 18:50.

It has just been delivered. :astonished:

How they did that for a £15 shipping charge is beyond me.


Oh, and this…


last week Hermes delivered to my “Secure Outbuilding” - which was a wheelie bin. This week they delivered to my “Safe Place”


When I worked for a smokery, and we also supplied goods to deli’s, we had a contract for shipping, that allowed us to ship 15 kilos, anywhere in the country for £7.50.


Could your customers order at 7pm on a sunday evening and get it the next morning? It was from a small independent guitar company.

That’s the important bit, not the price.


Juno are similar,ordered an LP on a Sunday night,arrived early on the Monday,god knows how they get them delivered that quick.


I’ve mentioned before, I think, that I’ve had deliveries from Texas with less than 50 hours between me hitting the ‘Order’ button on Mouser’s website and the items being in my hand. To be fair it’s one delivery company (UPS) from end to end.



Two albums ordered last night at 1800ish both delivered at 1230 today. Free.

Not bad as deliveries go.


That’s half as long as it takes to get through the first track of each album :+1:


Maybe they’re trying to compete with streaming ?



[getting in first mode] Or just trying to get rid of some shit music [end]


Much respect to these two.


Nice to hear some good news for a change


It seems like finding them was the easy bit - getting them back out is the real challenge.
Fingers crosses they find a way.