The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


A great story and some great photos…


Not sure I’m ready for the World where Mr Dyer is the voice of reason.


Somebody wrote that for him, and he just added SLAGS


Or his daughter


It comes to something where the situation so shit that even the thickos know who is shafting them and don’t believe the normal diversionary tactics of blaming scapegoats.


I’m impressed with the level of cuntery deployed by the SNP.




Interesting analysis by the always cogent Roy Greenslade.


Had a proper teary eyed proud Dad moment last night when Sam did an unaccompanied Baritone solo in front of a full audience and nailed it.



Jim managed a similar feat at Lopwell


Hahahahahaha :slight_smile:


Sam’s effort had the audience on their feet applauding. Jim’s had the audience on their feet running for their lives…


I quite like Danny Dyer, in all the interviews I’ve seen he comes across as quite intelligent, honest and will freely admit his hardman stuff is just an act and he does any film as he sees it as a job to get paid.




It’s all relative…


No all his relatives are fick as well.


In my front room I currently have a couple of cardboard boxes that belong to Ólan @htm_1968.

On one of them is printed “Pass Laboratories…Forresthill, CA”

Ellie, who is enthralled with all things Californian (especially a pair of youtube clowns called The Dolan Twins), spots this and asks me, excitedly, what I’ve got from California.


“Durrrr, what stuff”

“Where does it say it comes from?”

“Some Laboratories in California”

“Well, I have some bad news and some good news for you. The reason The Dolan Twins haven’t done any videos for a few weeks…” ( this is a cause of much, much angst in our house) “…is because they died doing one of their stupid stunt, they managed to electrocute each other…, but it’s been kept secret.”


“Yes, and they said in their will that their bodies should be donated to science. A mate of mine in America, Nelson Pass, told me his company had the contract to cut up and freeze their bodies. And because I’d told him how obsessed with them you were he asked if you’d like a keepsake… And I said Ok. So in those boxes are Ethan and Graysons frozen heads…”

And for one, glorious moment, I can see she absolutely believes me…

And I ruin it by pissing myself laughing…

“Fuck off Dad, you’re such a weirdo…”




Is there a timeline when the stuff is no longer active? Until then I’m not going anywhere near Wiltshire (not that I would anyway)


Just picked up this little lathe from a localish auction
Hadn’t heard of them before

Just reading the bumpf in the link below,it seems only 2 of these have surfaced in recent years,though it is missing the lever on the front which should be attached to the sturmey archer hub gear.

Probably worth at least a million or so.