The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)



One for @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi in this weather, I think


Down below = Australia


Down below = in my pants :wink:



What a cocksucking bitch moving house is. 27 degrees, soaked to my skin packing and hauling boxes

Family are at the beach having a lovely time


Cat people are fucking weird, and Japanese cat people are the fucking weirdest of the lot, even more fucking weird than @ZiggyMarley who didn’t think Louise’s suggestion of installing a cat fireman’s pole was in any way fucking weird.

Fucking weirdos. (Just in case anyone needed clarification of my opinion on the matter of “Cat People”) .


Don’t people normally redistribute their wealth to those less fortunate (ie Pickfords Ltd) to avoid this kind of upsetting physical activity?


So it appears.


Fair point. The Gibbons are coming tomorrow to do the actual moving. I’ll be on hand with sage and soothing words of advice, sipping a Dark & Stormy for brekkers

However, I’m doing the packing and shifting of the stuff that I don’t trust them not to break


That’ll be most of it then…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes I’ve seen that. Every one of those feline overlords must be absolutely whacked out on catnip to even put up with that train shit. I expect she mainlines it to them in their sleep.


photo iNIiUksQSWvAv.gif




Loving this picture from Bangkok illustrators who have depicted the trapped Thai kids in the cave and the various contributors to the rescue -

White Elephant : The governor Narongsak
Wild Boars : The children and coach
White horse : All heroes who’ve involved in the mission. You are the knight in shining armour riding the white horse to help us!
Seal : of course … Thai navyseal Hooyah!
Frog : all world-class divers
Lion : rescuers from England
Kangaroo : rescuers from Australia
Panda : rescuers from China
Crane : rescuers from Japan (Sorry for the flood disaster. Thai people wish things will get better soon)
Moose : rescuers from Sweden
Tiger : rescuers from Myanma
Brown Elephant : rescuers from Loas
Dog : K9 unit (cute!)
Martin : climbers from Libong Thailand
์Naga (Dragon) : water pumping team (can I include Drilling team too?)
Eagle : rescuers from USA
Iron man : thank you elon musk
Birds : media


Be nice if that was made into a flag,and laid out onto the pitch between the 2 nations flags at the World Cup final on Sunday


Some of the planes (8-10 fast jets) from this, I guess, just came over

Car alarms in the carpark next door now hooting away …



Just been on the roof of 55 Broadway watching the whole thing. The Battle of Britain flight was, as ever, most impressive


8 Chinooks flew in formation from RAF Benson over our house earlier. Quite a sight (and sound) :+1: