The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Cigarette branding from a more innocent age . . .


I was right!

Fortunately she was just doing something on her laptop and was cursing the thing as it has stopped charging properly, and anyway it’s bloody slow so she needs a new laptop.

I laughed and laughed and told her the truth.

And I’ll buy her a notebook tomorrow as well.




Or possibly a narrow escape…return laptop, buy paper based notebook & pencil and sleep in the shed.


The forum tag line should probably include misophonia.


Meanwhile we put cameras up and some signs, the Chinese have been building. How the tables have turned with our useless Gov’t and Highways England.


Left a bit…


A nice gesture …



I’m smack in te crosshair. How boring is that. Nearest politician = Macron. Furthest = Saunders.


I’m a non-populist leftie, who knew?


Not as left as I thought I’d be but left of ALMO and nowhere near the Cunt Trump




Nearest - Obama
Furthest - Trump (thank fuck)


Nearest: ALMO
Furthest: TRUMP


It’s so much worse up here. In the 21st century Scotland has one motorway link to England. No motorway link from the nation’s capital to England is a scandal. Worse is the fact that Glasgow and Edinburgh are linked by the M8 which is Scotland’s busiest road and the bulk of it is 2 lane. At rush hour it is insufferably slow.




I’m guessing we have some of theirs locked up at the moment and in a few months he will be released on “compassionate grounds”


Prime example of the lack of Westminster will to enact the Union.

Only the EU might see the bigger picture.