The Smiths Troy Tate sessions

I’ve known for ages that The Smiths first album was originally produced by Troy Tate, but they thought the result wasn’t what they were after so it was totally re-done by John Porter.

Somehow it passed me by that the original tapes had escaped into the wild:

Anyone got them? Worth hunting down?

There’s a few of the tate tracks on the Complete album, it’s on Tidal if you have an account.

I have a copy of the bootleg and even though I’m not a big Smiths fan it sounds horrible to me, the drums are far too dominant and the guitar has none of that johnny marr twang to it.

From what I’ve read, I think he was trying to capture their live vibe, but didn’t quite get there and the results were more like a demo.

Some of the tracks got released, Jeane, for instance, which is one of my favourite Smiths songs ever, which is why I’m interested in listening to the whole session.

Have you got the vinyl Chris? I think there’s a CD too? I’ve not got Tidal, and the price of the Complete vinyl boxset is beyond what I can justify for a few non album tracks

Ohhhh. Good. God. :weary:

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What’s up with you? Razor burn?

Probably the realisation that there is more of the monotonal depressing talentless drivel about than previously feared :grinning:

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My farmers play up at the first mention of The Smiths. Or vegetarians.

You say that but the tate session tracks were all over 20 mins each, rick wakeman did a keyboard session and johnny marr even stood on one leg whilst playing guitar.



Freudian anal retentiveness. Basically you feel guilt and shame over your music taste and eating dead animals. Obvious really :unamused:

Meh !

I love The Smiths but Morrisey is a boring vegetarian cunt.


True dat.

And these are from my recollection largely single mic recordings straight onto a cassette player, or straight off the desk and unmixed. Certainly not worth putting onto vinyl. Reckon there’s probably lots of torrents about which would satisfy your curiosity.