The test of time (Testis if you prefer)

Sounds that have cycled round or simply stood the test of time.

Released Oct 1977

Bob Trimble Harvest of Dreams 1982.

Gene Clark No Other: 1974

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Plastic Ono band - Hold on: 1970

Tune - after Purcell (second half of 17th c)
Words - Psalm 130 (few hundred years BC)

“… before the morning watch, I say, before the morning watch …”


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I have never knowingly heard Bob Trimble - Harvest of Dreams, so I played it, for the first few bars I though it was this

(Make sure Stronzetto is restrained from 2.00 minutes in)

Giulio Caccini, from Le Nuove Musiche (1609). For fans of girl & guitar music…

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