The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today

  1. Land Rover Discovery
    Designed by chimps with mallets in their Salvador Dali phase. 50 grand, thanks very much.

  2. Renault Wind
    Renault are mining the untapped demographic who demand a half-finished Vauxhall Tigra. Meanwhile they’ve got a South Korean anime enthusiast on £8.50 an hour to do the name and sincerely think nobody’s sniggering at the back of class. Dreadful.

  3. Any current Toyota. Go on, pick one.
    Before popular pedophile Jimmy Savile died, he fixed it for the car-mad boys and girls in year 6 of Woodburn Primary School, Esholt, to replace the entirety of Toyota’s design division for two years so they could Draw.Flaring.On.Everything and presumably also have flames coming out at the back. Somehow everything made it into production. Meanwhile, the year 9 GCSE art students at the nearby Secondary are tutting and already thinking about toning it down a bit when they get a go.

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I’ll propose

Nissan Cube

BMW i3

Honda CR-Z


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Wiki says

… On February 2, 2010, Renault announced that the Wind would enter production. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 2, 2010 … In February 2012, Renault retired the Wind … in the United Kingdom. For Continental Europe, the Wind remained available until June 2013 …

I think that’s what’s called a ‘ballistic trajectory’.


That Shitroen “cacktus” thing, emphasis on “cack”.


Haha, entire production run sold in Shoreditch.

That’s really odd. I could swear I’ve seen several late plate examples in the last few weeks.

The Nissan Joke…


Can’t agree with the Cube as there is a knowingness and utilitarianism to it. The other two are pretty bad. The Japanese have been over-styling for years.

It was a close run thing. The Fiat Multipla could easily have made it

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The Cube looks much more ridiculous in person than that photo makes it appear.


Really? I can see it won’t be for everyone, cos no 4x4 will be, but looks OK to me…

However more than half of the cars so-far mentioned are no-longer sold in the UK!

Stuart wins the thread anyway with the aggressively-ugly Nissan Joke, though this monstrosity also deserves a dishonourable mention -

And Lexus must be getting through industrial quantities of Ugly Sticks to beat each and every design to death with…

And although not interesting enough to be truly ugly, Audi deserve a mention for services to relentless, uninspired, herd-following extreme dullness…


I would urge you to see one out on the road, they are a monstrosity. That front three quarters does not tell the story.

VW Beetle.


The view of the back of the new LR Disco confirms that left handed retarded gibbons clutching broken crayola early years crayons were responsible for the lop sided and disproportionate shambles that they have the gall to try to charge £50k + for.

Ssangyong Rodius



The 2018 Astra.

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POTD :joy::rofl:

You of all people should understand product segmentation - the asymmetry is a nod to the wheel carriers once present on the rear doors of LR’s products, meant to remind you of that and give the styling some separation from the sleeker, more luxury-oriented RR products.

I’m guessing you all think Audis look briddi gud, ja?

…if there’s one thing I will admit - they are invisible out on the road, so I’m guessing my opinion is a minority one… :wink:

When I saw one I thought someone had nicked the spare wheel.

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Kia Soul. They forgot the “Ar-”

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