The wedding of the year

To start, here is the perfect setting.

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This is one reason I’m marrying this gal.

Sadly she only cooks about 4-5 times a year…


OK. You’ve had the first Wam engagement. Is this the first sign of an Abattoir wedding ?

May 25th.


I cook 6 days a week, hunnybun :wink:

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Fuck me ! Congrats dude !

Seriously, that fantastic news. Post it elsewhere.

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Thanks, but we’ve been engaged 6 years so it feels way too tardy to be news as such! :joy:

Fuck that ! It deserves it’s own thread :rofl:

Is that all?

Don’t forget we’re a pair of old coffin-dodgers - 6 years is a long time when the smell of death hangs in the air!


Good point.

Brilliant news - congrats to you both.

Looking forward to the Wedding Bake-Off thread :+1:

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Yeh, ta!

Mind, what I don’t want is another Keith-and-whatever-that-woman-was-called-that-kept-getting-pissed-and-throwing-herself-at-Scotch-Brian-was-called type thing going on - that made me want to puke. :wink:


Now all we need to do is think of a suitable AA wedding gift :smiling_imp:


lamb tagine with dried apricots simmering away for when we come back from that there London later

Gratulations !

Great news :smile: Well, for you, anyway.

Is she mental ?

Does not compute, even when pissed…:thinking:

Takes all sorts I suppose.

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Chapeau! :wedding: