The Whisky Lounge

Here’s the link to The Whisky Lounge events. We had a great time and recommend it. Ignore everything with stupid ticket prices, £25 is the target for 4 hours if you buy early, not on the day.

This is Manchester. Nottingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Bristol to follow.

Everyone was on their best behaviour (though one of the exhibitors said Newcastle last year was a nightmare with all the whisky gone in 3 hours of a 4 hour slot and people being carried out.)

Sessions and tickets

We deliberately set specific session times so the festival doesn’t get overcrowded, meaning you can sip and swallow at your own pace.

Friday 20th October 2022


Saturday 21st October 2022

1st Session: 12pm-4pm

2nd Session: 5pm-9pm

Your full session ticket for just £50, includes;

Entry to one session - Friday, 6pm-10pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm or 5pm-9pm (select which above)

Glencairn tasting glass

ALL WHISKIES SAMPLED IN MAIN HALL (not including ‘The Dram Table’)


I’ll look out the Edinburgh one for next year! I usually do the Stramash and the Whisky Festival each year, and sometimes the Whisky Fringe too. Only so much one guy can do, as I’m usually in the SMWS doing the monthly outturns also!

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