The "who cares how it sounds it looks good" thread


Accuton drivers = the very definition of “hifi”


I like it when you drive them a little too hard and the cone explodes :heart_eyes::rofl:


Phew… Good job they’re only a 4-figure sum to replace…


Like the look of this, but I don’t need it.




chap near me runs the hovland 100 , hope to hear it sometime . it does look amazing


With 212 Tubes


Get your links right fella


Well it is the best I could do. Sorry.




You should be able to just right click the image you want, choose copy and then paste it straight into the reply window here.


True Chris but my iPad more or less died and I now have a Android pad and it ain’t the same. :cry:


How many elephants gave up their tackle to provide that level of squeaky guitar string and female vocal hi-fi?


Clearly not enough. It’s a sort of impressive sound that gets people for a while, then they work out that they don’t listen to their music any more.

Based on my systems, I clearly like slightly dull top end with earthquake bass in a nice shiny box.


Cheers Chris.